eye-light® – THE innovative device for correcting practically all problems on the surface of the eyes and the eyelids – above all, dry eyes. 

Furthermore, this single device has also been approved for many other ophthalmic indications: chalazion, post-blepharoplasty, blepharitis, demodex hordeolum, etc. 



The advantages of the device:


  • Single device which provides two forms of therapy (IPL-OPE® and LLLT®)
  • Easy to handle
  • Measures the pigmentation of the skin by means of an integrated sensor, thus automatically calculating the optimal energy output = no reddening of the skin
  • "Valuable" treatment of the patient's lower AND upper meibomian glands thanks to the LLLT® mask (additional recovery factor)
  • Flexible, easy-to-customise treatment protocols
  • The only device on the market that also enables the treatment of dermatological problems relating to the eye (chalazion, stye, post-blepharoplasty, etc.)
  • No single-use consumables, no special cleaning or even sterilisation necessary
  • No recurring maintenance costs (self-calibrating!)




eye-light® scores points for its versatility, including in dermatological applications: lifting, drainage & brightness, deep toning, blemished skin, décolleté, rosacea, couperose, and much more.

With eye-light®, you will have more than just a "partial solution" which can only be used for certain of pathologies, but rather an integrated device which markedly improves patient satisfaction every day by treating a wide range of conditions – with just one device valued by numerous renowned KOLs around the world.

Let the impressive clinical results and the economic benefits convince you!