Femto Laser

The mobile FEMTO LDV Z models are unique. They offer the highest repetition rate of all femtosecond lasers for ophthalmology, combined with overlapping, precise laser spots and a very low pulse energy. The compact design and mobility of the FEMTO LDV Z devices allow for optimal integration into your workflow without having to move your patients during a procedure.


EVO+ Visian ICL

The ICL is definitely a top seller for your clinic. This unique lens offers your patients a biocompatible material and a healthy and reversible option for remaining spectacle-free into old age. Whether a spherical or astigmatic correction from +10dpt to -18dpt, the ICL will soon also be available from us in the EDOF design in a spherical version. STAAR Surgical's implantable contact lens is the global market leader among phakic lenses and has been used over 1,000,000 times since 1997.  A rigorous certification process for doctors guarantees top results and satisfied patients. Get the information you need now and expand your product portfolio with a first-class implant.



1stQ AddOn


The AddOn is the refractive-surgical platform for ONS fine correction and pseudophakic eyes, and is a milestone for functional patient care.
The AddOn is implanted in the sulcus in addition to the base lens, which is fixed to the capsular bag, and is compatible with common capsular bag IOLs, regardless of their design or material.





You will find the right instrument for your refractive surgery either as a reusable or single-use version. Put together your own high-quality disposable instrument set or order high-quality reusable instruments from our suppliers Asico and e.Janach.

Order now and test our disposable starter sets.